For Visitors

What to Expect When You Visit Our Church:

You’ll be welcome!

The Act of Worship:

All worship services include prayer, praise, music, confession, a message, a time of giving and a benediction.  In the pews you will find a Hymn Book and as you enter you will be given a bulletin with the order of worship for the day that enables the congregation to share fully in every service.  We also invite you to sign the red welcome book in our pews so we can better serve you.

Coming and Going:

Ushers will greet you and they will answer your questions about the service.  Following the service, the pastor greets everyone as they leave.  You are invited to our coffee hour following the service in our Parish House.

You Will Not Be Embarrassed:

When you visit our church, you will be our respected and welcome guest.  You will not be singled out, asked to stand before the congregation or to come forward. You will simply worship God with us.

Joining the Church: 

Everyone is welcome to worship and join in any of our activities at any time.  Should you wish to deepen your commitment to our community of faith and join the church the pastor will gladly answer your questions.  There are membership gatherings throughout the year to facilitate your becoming a member

Weddings and Holy Unions:

The beauty of our sanctuary and our location makes Palisades Presbyterian Church an ideal location for your wedding or Holy Union.  Please visit us any time to see the church or contact the pastor, Rev. Angela Maddalone for more information.  She can be reached at 845- 359-3147 or by email at:

Other frequently asked questions:


Our church has street parking, so you may park on either side of Washington Spring Road- be mindful not to block driveways and walkways of local residents.

What to Wear

There is no set dress code. Come as you are. You will see a variety of clothing styles: men in suits, khakis, dress shirts or polo shirts. Women wear dresses, skirts and slacks. Although some people wear suits or dresses to the worship service, others wear nice casual attire or jeans.


If your visit is on the first Sunday of the month, then the service will include Communion.  The pastor will invite both members and visitors to participate, including children. You may participate or refrain as you wish.

Children and Sunday School 

Children are always welcome and encouraged to attend services. They may stay for the entire service or join our Christian Education class (up to 8th grade) that morning.  Children start the morning in worship with the conrgegation and are excused for Sunday School after the Pastor's Word to the Children (at approx 10:15).    On Communion Sundays the children return towards the end of the service to participate in the Lord's Supper with the congregation.

The Collection Plate

Presbyterian worship includes a time for offerings to God. Collections placed in the plate support the church and local and international community and mission needs. Visitors are welcome but not obligated to contribute.

Handicap Accessibility 

The church is equipped with a ramp to the Parish house that gives you access to the Sanctuary.  We do not have any handicap parking, but if needed you can park in the circle or alongside the church to be closest to the entrance.  The Parish House is equipped with a handicap accessible bathroom.

Contact Us After Your Visit

After your visit, please feel free to contact us with any questions!