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Ready, Set, Go

Voices of Naomi and Ruth
God’s Expansive Love
Tamar’s Good Trouble
Bearing the Image of God
It’s More Than What It Is
On the Waves
Sabbath Rest
Mystery of the Trinity
Co-conspirators with God
Is This the Time?
Outside the Lines
God’s Presence Manifested Through Love
Web of Creation
Can I Get a Witness
The True Word of God
A Subversive Act of Love
Testimony of God’s Love Henry Garrison
Again and Again, God Loves First
Again and Again, We Are Shown the Way
Again and Again, We are Called to Listen
Again and Again, God Meets Us
Standing at the Crossroads
What is This?
Abounding in Steadfast Love
Speak Truth
The Spirit of God – Like a Pigeon
By Another Road
The 12 Days of Christmas
Mary Did You Know – Singing Revolutionary Love
Awe and Wonder
Joy in Connection
A Thrill of Hope, A Weary World Rejoices
Bridesmaids Lessons
Generous Saints
Partners in the Harvest
Paradox of Generosity
Bread in the Boat
Graces and Gifts
World Communion Sunday
Wild Wisdom
Rivers of Living Water
Love God, Humanity, Creation
Seeing the Forest for the Trees
Enough! Abundance!
Happily After Ever
Wrestling with God
God is in the Discomfort
Grounded in God’s Presence
“Jacob and Esau – Sibling Rivalry”
The Voice of God
Come to Me, All You That Are Weary
Testimonies of God’s Love/ A Time of Meditation
Join in the Plentiful Harvest
Dream Big
I Spy
Keep on Burning
Embracing Uncertainty
We all came from a Mother – the Mother of God
Abundant Generosity
The Good Samaritan
Rooted and Grounded
Shades of Grey
Heart to Heart – Life & Lament
Heart to Heart – Light of the World
Heart to Heart – Belonging
Heart to Heart – Searching to Know
Heart to Heart – Sympathy for the Devil
Down Below
Choosing Life
Just a Dash and a Headlamp
Incarnate Blessing
“I Will Make You…”
What God with Us Really Means
Words of Reflection and Hope
Songs of Waiting – Love
Songs of Waiting – Joy
Service of Installation for Rev. Erin Moore
Songs of Waiting – Peace
Songs of Waiting – Hope
The Kin-dom Life
Of Whales and Such
Thin Places of the Body of Christ
A Legacy of Faith: Reformation Lessons and Carols
Building on Christ
How Will We Be Remembered?
A Future Not Our Own
The Table is Wide
God of the Cosmos
God in the Storms
Consider Creation
Delight in God’s Creation
Becoming Children of the Living God
Hope Despairs and Despair Hopes
Live Lives of Praise
The Sweet Aroma of Christ’s Embodied Love
“May Jesus Christ be Praised”
The Ripple Effect
Grace and Gratitude
Love is an Open Door
What God Has Done
Dance of the Trinity
Inclusive Diversity
Stargazers or Witnesses
Something New
Going It Alone
Enduring Power of the 23rd Psalm
Better Call Saul
Believing Thomas
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
Remember, Do Not Remember
With Forgiving Hearts
What a Beautiful View
Urgent AND Important
Tempted to Despair
Glory Days
Giving and Forgiving
Dream On
How to stand up when you’re flat on your back
Rethinking Healing and Miracles
Something Borrowed, Something New
Blessed, and Broken
Rite, Ritual, and Remembrance
Pitching a Tent, Then and Now
Christmas Words- Members and Friends
All About the Gift
Guided Into Peace
The Kingdom of God
Who Rules?
Invited Into the Ask
Somewhere in the Middle
Something About A Saint
Want What You Want
A Place For Questions
What is Prayer
Outcasts All
Where Do We Go From Here?
What do you need?
Where Does It Hurt?
Transcending Time in Real Time
Where Can We Go?
Who Wants to Be an Evangelist?
Who Does the Sorting?
A New Way of Seeing
Gather Up The Fragments
The Gospel According to Tina Fey
Whose Land Is It Anyway?
Surrender, Dorothy
The Good Samaritan?
Get In The Boat
Small Steps
Leaving Eden
Talking in Circles
Becoming All Flame
The Gift of Impatience
Who Can Withhold the Water?
However You Get There
Fishing For Answers
Night in Emmaus
Start Close In
Easter Endings
A Different Kind of Parade
The Big Ask
The Serpent, the Cross, and Me
Folk Tales
Dysfunctional Family Values
Redemption Song
Not Looking Away
Lifted Up
Go Fishing
When Both Ears Tingle
Sign of Christmas
She Said Yes
Words To Live By
The End of the World
Holding it Together: A Practice
A Life Worth Living
Saints Unbound
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Trouble and Trust
Think About These Things
All About the Food
Poured Out
Ready, Set, Go
When Plans Change
Shrewd Dealings
Racism, Reaction, Response
Faith It Ain’t Easy
Rasslin’ With God
Praying As We Ought
Where God Is
The Seeds You Sow
So Happy Together
Faith In The Margins
Radical Hospitality
God’s Beautiful Creation
Prayer Is Not Enough
A Benny Saved